Celebration of the Day of the Archives of Yugoslavia on January 19, 2018

"The Day of the Archives of Yugoslavia" will be celebrated this year on January 19, 2018 by promotion of another publication "Documents on Foreign Policy of Yugoslavia". That is Collected Documents Yugoslavia - USA Meeting and negotiations of the highest officials of Yugoslavia and USA, 1955-1980.

Documents published in this book are from the fonds of the Archives of Yugoslavia (Cabinet of the President of the Republic and the President of the Presidency of SFRY) as well as from Diplomatic Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia (four documents). This is the first time that the documents are integrally published in Latin alphabet as they were originally written.

During the meetings of the highest officials of the states in the period from 1955-1980, international relations matters prevailed. Besides with chiefs of the States, President Tito often talked with the Prime Ministers but also with the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and USA Ambassadors accredited to Yugoslavia.

This book presented 42 documents, starting from the "Notes from the meetings of President Tito with American Minister of Foreign Affairs John Foster Dulles" of November 5, 1955 (that was the first meeting of President of Yugoslavia and high official of the USA), to the "Stenograph notes from the meeting of the President of the Presidency of SFRY Cvijetin Mijatović and the President of USA Jimmy Carter, held on January 24, 1980 in Belgrade". This visit was the last visit of one President of USA to Yugoslavia.

The structure of the book consists of introduction of Miladin Milošević, foreword on Yugoslav-American relations written by Dr. Dragan Bogetić, documents no.1- 42, register of personal names and list of abbreviations.
Besides the Director of the Archives of Yugoslavia Dr. Milan Terzić who will talk about this Collection of Documents, prof. Dr. Ljubodrag Dimić will talk as well and Dr. Dragan Bogetić being one of editors.

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