Cooperation in the country in 2007

Preparation of exhibitions of archival documents

Cooperation was established with the Serbian Foreign Ministry Department for International Legal Affairs in order to research documents for the exhibition "Prince Paul Karadjordjević, Prince Regent 1934 -1941", and the Yugoslav Film Archives prepared a set of documentaries on Prince Paul, which was presented during the opening of the exhibition.

Exhibitions outside the Archives

The "Tito – Stalin" exhibition was presented in Užice, Požarevac, Zrenjanin and Šabac.

The exhibition "Аlexander I - King of Yugoslavia" was presented in Čačak.

Preparation of the editions of the Archives

Dr Momčilo Pavlović, Director of the Modern History Institute, wrote the preface and was the reviewer for the second book of Kingdom of Yugoslavia Foreign Ministry Reports for 1931.


The Archives of Vojvodina visited the Archives of Serbia and Montenegro on January 30, 2007. The colleagues were informed about the work of the Archives, history of the building, they visited the reading room and were shown the depots. The visit was organized on the occasion of the exhibition Alexander I – King of Yugoslavia 1918-1934.

Archives of Serbia and Montenegro workers attended the marking of Archives Day at the Archives of Serbia on December 14, 2007.

Cooperation in the Country

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