Cooperation in the country in 2004

Inter-archival cooperation

The Military Archives visited the Archives of Serbia and Montenegro. They were informed about the work of all departments of the Archives and they showed special interest in the electronic processing of the means of information about funds and collections.
Talks were held with colleagues from other archives in connection with future visits in order to get information about the work of the Archives of Serbia and Montenegro.
For the Hronologija (Chronology) project of the Historic Archives of Belgrade, archivists of the Archives of Serbia and Montenegro conducted the research, selected photographs from the XX century and made an inventory with signatures and captions.
For the purpose of realization of the project of the exhibition Archival Holdings on Relations between Serbia/Yugoslavia and France the Archives of Serbia received information about the archival holdings of the Archives of Serbia and Montenegro and specific documents on the relations between the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes/Yugoslavia and France. They were also pointed to the literature that may serve for the monitoring of chronology in these relations.

Cooperation with Scientific Institutions

The Belgrade University's School of Philosophy – Department of the History of Yugoslavia and the Archives of Serbia and Montenegro organized practical exercises for the final year students of history. With Professor Ljubodrag Dimić, students visited the Archives on several occasions during the winter and summer semesters. They were informed about the activities, funds and collections of the Archives and were shown how to use the holdings. They could see several means of information (inventories and lists) and fund material for the topics of their interest. It was agreed that this type of cooperation with the School of Philosophy continue and the intensity and contents of this cooperation were specified.

The Archives of Serbia and Montenegro in cooperation with the Municipal Assembly of Savski Venac and Isidora Sekulić Library organized on June 30, 2004 a celebration on the occasion of the presentation of the Isidora Sekulić literary award. The award was received by Professor Vladeta Jerotić.

At the Archives of Serbia and Montenegro, the book Banks in the Kingdom of Serbia 1878-1914 by academician Andrej Mitrović was promoted.

Cooperation in the Country

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