Cooperation in the country in 2013

Cooperation with schools and universities

November 20-21
Exercises for history students in the Archives of Yugoslavia.
March 6
Students from Pančevo Secondary School for Mechanical Engineering visited the Archives of Yugoslavia exhibition "Traffic and Communications in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia 1918-1941".
April 12
Archivistics in Practice – exercises for history students  in the Archives of Yugoslavia.
March 18-29
Students of the secondary school "Traffic - Technical School Zemun" in the Archives.


The exhibition outside the Archives

March 26
The exhibition of the Archives of Yugoslavia "Jovan Dučić in Diplomacy" was opened in the National Museum Gallery in Kraljevo.
March 29
As part of the event 47th Bora’s Week and celebration of 61st anniversary of the Historical Archives "31st January", the Archives of Yugoslavia exhibition "Jovan Dučić in Diplomacy"  was opened in Vranje.

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