Visit of a delegation of the Portuguese Ministry of Science and Technology

Belgrade, September 11, 2008

The Archives of Serbia and Montenegro was visited by a science and technology delegation (FCT) of the Portuguese Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education. The delegation was a guest of the Serbian Ministry of Science and Technological Development. The Archives was visited by Prof João Sentieiro, head of the delegation and FCT president (in charge of the scientific development and technology policy), Prof. Paulo Ferrão, national director of the partnership with MIT Portugal (energy system and industrial process sector); Dr. Ana Maria Faísca, FCT international relations director and Prof. Luís Reis Torgal of the History Institute of the Coimbra University (social science and historic archives sector).

During their visit to the Archives, the guests from Portugal were accompanied by Prof. Dr Viktor Nedović, Assistant Minister of Science and Technology, Katarina Petrović, Minister's Chief of Staff and advisor to the minister of science and Snežana Pašalić, advisor at the Ministry.

The guests were received by Acting Director of the archives Miladin Milošević. He informed them about the history and work of the Archives, wealth of archival funds in the competence of the Archives, conditions for research, interest of researchers in certain topics, achievements of the Archives, etc. The guests saw the depots where archival holdings are held and the Archives reading room.

During the talks, it was said that there were reasons for achieving wider professional cooperation with the Archives of Serbia and Montenegro, which can be foreseen within the cooperation of competent ministries of Serbia and Portugal.

The talks were attended by Milan Medaković, head of the Department for the Protection and Use of Archival Holdings and Dr Milan Ristović, Professor at the School of Philosophy.




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