Visit of the director of the Forum of Slavic Countries to the Archives of Yugoslavia

Director of the Forum of Slavic Cultures, Dr. Andreja Rihter accompanied with the Project Manager Tina Hurmenović visited the Archives of Yugoslavia on April 13, 2021. Director of the Archives Dr. Milan Terzić talked with the representatives of Forum together with Ranka Radjenović, Archival Advisor.

The main purpose of the visit was to introduce the Archives of Yugoslavia with the work of Forum which priority is preservation of cultural heritage and literature promoting cooperation between countries in cultural, scientific and education sphere and developing cultural exchange between 13 member countries (Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czechia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland. Russian Federation, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Ukraine).Presenting current projects that recently have treated just work of several museums from the countries from Slavic Speaking area, Mrs. Rihter  suggested inclusion of the Archives to those projects and in that respect the Archives of Yugoslavia. The Archives of Yugoslavia accepted that proposal and the contacts with this international organization will be directed that way.

At the end of the visit representatives of the Forum of Slavic Cultures were shown reading room, library, exhibition hall and some of depots.




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