Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt visited Archives of Yugoslavia

H.E. Ambassador of the Arabic Republic of Egypt in Belgrade Mr. Amr Aljowaily accompanied with Mrs. Iman Bellah Ghatwary associate in the Embassy visited the Archives of Yugoslavia on February 8, 2018. The purpose of this visit was meeting with the Director of the Archives of Yugoslavia Dr.Milan Terzić regarding marking of 110th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Serbia/Yugoslavia and Egypt. It was agreed to prepare smaller exhibition of documents choosing the most important documents dealing with the topic, without catalogue, since the Archives of Yugoslavia already has fixed program of work for 2018. Although without catalogue, the exhibition will have list of documents in both Serbian and English language.

It was as well agreed that the Archives of Yugoslavia prepare draft for Memorandum paper on cooperation with the National Archives of Egypt on both Serbian and English language and that the first mutual project of two archives for the future period would be collected documents on relations between two countries that could be stared already this year.

Preparing himself for his mission in Belgrade Mr. Aljowaily using the experience of previous ambassadors of the Arabic Republic of Egypt and accessible material about Serbia, published the book "Serbia in Egyptian Eyes" by the end of January this year. The promotion of this book is expected in the week when Mr. Ambassador is going to submit his credentials.







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