Year 2020 – 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Archives

Flajer - 70 godina od osnivanja Arhiva

Flajer - 70 godina od osnivanja Arhiva

On the Archives Day, January 21, 2020, the Archives of Yugoslavia marked 70 years of its founding. On that occasion, a reprint edition of the publication on the history of the building in which the Archives has been housed since 1969 was printed, as well as the second supplemented edition of the monograph on 70 years of the Archives of Yugoslavia. A canvas was placed on the central part of the facade with the Archives' characteristic markings, then a smaller exhibition in the courtyard dedicated to the state symbols of Yugoslavia and a retrospective of selected exhibitions prepared and displayed by the Archives in the last 10 years.

Director of the Archives, Dr. Milan Terzić, first addressed the audience, presenting information on the founding of the State Archives of the FPRY in 1950, change of the name to the Archives of Yugoslavia, proclamation of the building in which it is located as a cultural monument in 2007, wealth of 40 km of the archive contents that the Archives gained during the period of the Yugoslav state from its foundation in 1918 until 2006, with 874 funds and 83 collections; these documents speak of a state that no longer exists, and which was marked primarily by two personalities – King Aleksandar Karađorđević and Josip Broz Tito, and without which we cannot learn the history of the 20th century. Speaking about the number of domestic and foreign researchers who annually pass through the reading room of the Archives and the library, which has 25 thousand titles, the large number of theses, monographs and books created on the basis of archival material of the Archives of Yugoslavia, he thanked the Ministry of Culture and Information for the care it showed towards these archives.

Taking the floor at this ceremony, Dejan Masliković, Assistant Minister of Culture and Information in the Government of the Republic of Serbia, said that the Archives is a very important institution, which represents the memory of a period in the overall history of Serbia when we shared our statehood with other nations, stating that the Archives of Yugoslavia is one of the most important archives we have and that its material is a link on the basis of which we can build successful relations in the region and carry out the process of succession.
The exhibition will be available to visitors until the end of February 2020, every working day from 9 am to 4 pm..










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