Year 2005 – 55th anniversary of the establishment of the Archives

Early 2005 saw the 55th anniversary of the establishment of the State Archives of the FNRY, i.e. the Archives of Yugoslavia or Archives of Serbia and Montenegro. On this occasion Serbia and Montenegro President Svetozar Marović decorated the Archives with the Order of Labour "for their exceptional contribution in the processing, organisation and protection of archival holdings, and special achievements in the development and promotion of archival work and preservation of cultural goods", as it was said in the Charter on Decoration, signed on September 28, 2005.

The Order was conferred on the Archives of Serbia and Montenegro on October 19, 2005, when the anniversary was marked. The first book of the Sources for International Relations 1930-1940, Izveštaji Ministarstva inostranih poslova Kraljevine Jugoslavije 1930, was presented on the occasion of the anniversary. The book was prepared by Archives of Serbia and Montenegro historians Nada Petrović and Saša Ilić. Momčilo Pavlović, Ph.D and Dr Milan Ristović Ph.D. professor, spoke about the book. An exhibition of archival documents on the Diplomacy of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia 1918-1941 was opened on the same date.

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