Emigrants' associations

Yugoslav emigrants in South America formed different cultural and educational, sports and political associations in order to maintain a strong link with their compatriots and country and thus gain the necessary sense of security in the new country.

The largest number of societies (more than 20, excluding the YPC) operated in Argentina, although just a small number of them had any major role in the social life of the emigrants. Important societies were: Jugoslovenski Sokol (Yugoslav Falcon Society), Yugoslav Club, Yugoslav Assistance Society, all from Buenos Aires; Yugoslav Society "Kosovo" in Ensenada, Slovenian Society "Tabor" (Buenos Aires), Yugoslav Mutual Support Society from Rosario de Santa Fe, etc. While the Yugoslav colony was well organised in Chile during World War I (YPC), the scarce Yugoslav colony in Uruguay, mostly based in Montevideo, was organised in a number of emigrant cultural and political societies since the end of 1920s. These societies were either state owned or formed with the blessing of the state, while some were a tool in the hands of separatist organisations.





Emigrant societies in Uruguay – activities, importance, political orientation (1940)

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Formation of the "Yugoslav Falcon Society" (1930)

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Letter to the Mission on the formation of the Serbian emigration society "Stevan Sinđelić" in Berize

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Statute of the Yugoslav Cultural Society "Sloga" (Beriso)

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Yugoslav state and emigration in South America 1921-1945

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