Presentation of Collected papers YUGOSLAVIA – SSSR, The First Volume
In the presence of numerous guests from public, cultural and social life, The First volume of Collected Papers YUGOSLAVIA – SSSR, meetings and conversations on the highest level was presented in the Archives of Yugoslavia. This is mutual project of the Archives of Yugoslavia, Federal Russian Archival Agency, Russian State Archives of the Recent History and the Institute of Slavic studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences. LJ. Dimić, M.Milošević and N. Pantelić prepared this publication from the Serbian side and L.Velecanskaja, T. Dzalilov, M. Kiskina-Ivanjenko and A. Stikalin from the Russian side. Ljubodrag Dimić wrote introduction in Serbian and in Leonid Gibianski in Russian. Archives of Yugoslavia, the Institution of culture of national significance published this book. Miladin Milosevic, Acting Director of the Archives of Yugoslavia, greeted the guests. Andrej Artizov PhD, Executive of the Federal Archival Agency of the Russian Federation, Natalija Tolimina PhD Director of Russian State Archives of Recent History, Professor Mira Radojević, History Department at of the Faculty of Philosophy and Professor Ljubodrag Dimić, Correspondent member of the SASA, talked about the book.
It was highlighted that this book presents continuation of the successful cooperation of Serbian and Russian archives. It lights up development of Soviet-Yugoslav relations starting from the last meeting of J.V.Staljin and J.B. Tito on May 27th, 1946 till the last meeting of N.S.Hruscov and J.B.Tito on June 6th, 1964.
Recently declassified documents from N.S.Hruscov fond (RGANI) were published and documents from the fonds of the Archives of Yugoslavia. Archival material presented gave light to the development of Soviet-Yugoslav relation both in the field of government relations and in the field of interparty connections in a course of eighteen years.
Shorthand transcriptions of the meetings and conversations between Soviet and Yugoslav delegations of the highest rank led by N.S.Hruscov and J.B.Tito were published together with minutes of the mutual conversation between two presidents as well as those with political and state high rank officials.
Specially important document was the paper of N.S.Hruscov on plenary session on July (1955), plenary session of CCKPSS "about results of the Soviet-Yugoslav negotiations" together with all preparation material including complains of A.I. Mikojan dedicated to the analysis of the first visit of N.S.Hruscov after the interruption of relations for longer period of time; Information of N.S.Hruscov regarding conversation that he had with J.B.Tito and other high ranking Yugoslav officials, during his stay in Yugoslavia in September 1956; information about J.B.Tito and high ranking officials stay on Crete in September-October 1956, that Hruscov sent to the Presidium of CCKPSS.
It is pointed out that arheographic processing of the documents was done in accordance to the adopted general rules of issuing historical documents, taking into consideration character of the party documentation. Published documents are mostly originals: texts - typed by typewriter; signatures and notes - are autographs as a rule.










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