The review Аrhiv, The Archives of Yugoslavia (Year I, number 1)

Data/Images/aj_cas_2001_kor.jpgThe first issue of the review “Arhiv” founded and published by the Archives of Yugoslavia was promoted on the Archive Day of the Archives of Yugoslavia on January 21, 2001. According to the ideas of the founder this journal should complement certain vacancy in periodicals evident in the last decade in the Yugoslav archival practice, to bring closer to the scientific and professional public results of the fifty years long work and actual work of the Archives of Yugoslavia,  to keep a track with contemporary archival knowledge, methods , methodology and archival standards, to keep records of professional and scientific suggestions that historiography and historical science direct to the archival science. Texts on any historic segments of the Yugoslav state and society, texts that are created or partly created by using  of the original archival material preserved in the Archives of Yugoslavia or in the other archives in the country and abroad will be of a special importance for the journal; studies, essays and other forms of reports on historic factography  that have been used up to the present, unknown  or less known archival material of local, regional or wider significance; theoretical papers dealing with archival science and historiography; less familiar contents valuable and visually interesting documents or group of documents (photographs, maps, posters etc.); Professional texts presenting experience in using new methods in processing fonds, introduction of new information technologies of modern legislature and other regulations dealing with archives, archival material and its use. This journal will keep a tack of international professional conferences of archivists, meetings and decisions of international association of archivists, critics and reviews of archival and historiographic publications, journals from the country and abroad..

The Arhiv desk wishes to inform all interested individuals and archives that they can present in the review the results of their research, novelties in the method of work and other contributions that may help exchange and promote knowledge in the archive administration and history.

Please send your contributions to the following address::

Arhiv Srbije i Crne Gore, Vase Pelagića 33, 11000 Beograd, Srbija or
e-mail: arhivscg@sezampro.yu


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