Instructions to the contributors

Contributions for the Arhiv review are submitted to е-mail address until September 1 for all contributions that will be published by the end of the current year.

Contributions are submitted as e-mail attachments, and they should be accompanied by one hardcopy of the text.

The structure of categorised articles (for the Archive Administration and Historiography sections) is as follows:

  • full name;
  • address of the author or institution where they are employed;
  • title of the paper;
  • outline (50-100 words);
  • keywords (3-10);
  • text (of up to 16 pages, max 30000 characters);
  • summary in the Serbian and English language (300-500 words).

Contributions for other sections do not require the outline and summary.

Format of the text:

  • MS Word text processor (versions 2003);
  • Normal style;
  • A4 page format;
  • Font: Times New Roman, 16pt title, 12pt subtitle, 11pt body of the text, 9pt footnotes;
  • Line spacing Single,
  • Footnotes in continuous numbering from 1 onwards.

The attached illustrations must be in black and white, properly scanned (the text, if any, must be clearly legible). All illustrations must be numbered, must have captions and notes indicating where they are situated within the text. The format of the illustration may be: bmp, jpg or tiff (resolution 300ppi). Each illustration must be in a separate file.

Published papers will not be returned.

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