Searching Through the Catalogue

The data base of the library material consists of the Biblio and Press base.

The Biblio base contains data on library material in the library. The base includes data on books (new and old) obtained in the period from 1996 to 2007, as well as data on all serial publications (journals and newspapers) the library holds. The original material of this base is available to users upon request in the library.
The base includes studies quoting documents from our archives regardless whether they are physically located in the library itself or not. For this reason we warn users that the information on studies they may find in the base that do not contain data on the box list are not located in the library in their original form.

The Štampa base contains data on published library-archival material and other unconventional such material (books, brochures, sound recordings, serial publications, articles, geography maps, architectural projects, posters, leaflets, postcards, invitations,  photographies et.) that are contained in the archival fonds and collections of our Archives. This kind of material is available to users upon request in the library. 
Information from the following funds and collections has been entered into this data base up to the end of 2007 : Jovan M. Jovanović, Milan Stojadinović, Nikola Pašić, Sava Kosanović, Svetislav Milosavljević, Đura Popović, Lazar Marković, Milan Jakovljević, Pero Šoć, Stanislav Krakov, Vitomir Korać, Dobrivoje Stošović, Hinko Krizman, Mihajlo Petrović, Dimitrije Ljotić, Geca Kon, Ilija Pržić, Adam Pribićević, Aleksandar Cincar-Marković, Ivan Subotić, Roza Levin-Majer, Ljubomir Davidović, the Consulate  General  in Buenos Aires, the Ministry of Education of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia (up to 80 files), the Ministry of Internal Afairs of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia (up to 80 files).

Since the beginning of 2008 the library of the Archives has become a member of the joint electronic catalogue COBISS.SR , which means that this site now contains all information on the library funds of the Archives.

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